Residence Requirement (30-Credit Rule)

Please read through the information below and then fill out the Residence Exception Request Form. 

30-Credit Rule/Senior Residence Exception Form

This form allows you to request an exception (up to 8 credits) to the L&S senior residence requirement. If you have questions or concerns about the process, see residence exception (above) for more information. It might be helpful for you to request a copy of your DARS report from MyUW in order to gather some of the information requested below. 

First and Last Name:*
Campus ID Number (no spaces or dashes):*
Email Address ( addresses only)*
Year in School:**
What semester do you intend to graduate? (e.g., Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Summer 2018):*
Overall GPA (all courses):*
Most recent semester GPA:*
Are you studying abroad in a non-UW Madison study abroad program and will have more than 90 credits when you return?**
Do you plan to take one or two courses out of residence over the summer?**
Do you plan to complete your degree requirements by completing one or two courses out of residence?**
Other questions you may have?

How many credits have you completed toward your degree?*

If you have completed less than 80 credits, please consult with L&S Undergraduate Academic Deans' Services. (Hint: Look under the 120 credits required on your DARS report. How many have you completed and have in progress?)

How many credits are you seeking to complete out of residence?**
Do you have any credits that the Office of Admissions has not evaluated? (i.e. Are you sending transcripts from another institution to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment?)**

Have you already completed the courses for which you are requesting an exception?**

If you have already completed the courses, please fill out the section below:

Where did you take the courses?
What courses (or courses) did you take?
Have the courses been posted to your record?

If you have not already completed the courses, please fill out the section below:

Where did you plan to take courses?
Have these courses been evaluated by the Office of Admissions to be sure they will transfer?

Briefly explain your situation...
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