Advising FAQ

How do I know if I am eligible to declare my major yet?

  • Students enter some L&S majors simply by completing a declaration of major form in the individual major department(s). Some majors have limited space and require students to take a set group of courses, meet certain GPA requirements, and fill out an application in order to be considered for a particular academic program.  Students should check the Majors, Certificate, and Concentration Programs section of the Undergraduate Catalog to determine what is required to declare a particular major or program.  

How do I find out who is my assigned academic advisor?

  • Students should log in to their MyUW and go to your Student Center. There should be an Advisor box with a student's listed assigned advisor(s).

I am an L&S student, but I do not have an assigned advisor?

  • Students who are undecided on a major(s) may contact Cross-College Advising Services at (608) 265-5460 for an advisor assignment.
  • Students who have decided on a major(s) and are unable to declare a major(s) may complete the L&S Academic Advising Services advisor assignment form.
  • Students who are eligible to declare their major(s) should consult with the departmental advisor for assistance. Students should check the Undergraduate Catalog to determine if they qualify to declare the major or need to apply via a formal application process.