Credit Overload 

Students who wish to take more than 18 credits during the fall or spring semester must have earned a 3.0 cumulative GPA on the UW-Madison campus.

No student may carry more than 20 total credits during the fall or spring semester.

Students can take a maximum 12 credits during the summer session. In a rare situation a student may be authorized to take 13 credits. Students, however, cannot be authorized to take more than 13 credits during the summer session. Also, please note that there are credit limits by session as well. Students may enroll for one credit per week of instruction (e.g.: a student can earn 3 credits during a 3-week session, but needs approval to earn 4 credits a 3-week session). Any student wishing a credit overload during the summer must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA on the UW-Madison campus.

Please note that additional fees are assessed for credit overloads on a per credit basis.

Please do not submit this form if:

  • you are not an L&S undergraduate student
  • you do not yet have a GPA at UW-Madison
  • your cumulative GPA is below 3.0

Credit overloads will incur additional tuition costs. Visit Tuition & Fees for more information about tuition and fees.

Please make sure that you print a copy of the information you have submitted for your records.

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