Dean's List

The College of Letters & Science Dean's List is established at the end of each fall and spring semester after all grades have been reported and processed for all L&S undergraduate students. To be eligible for the Dean's List in a given semester, students must complete a minimum of twelve (12) graded credits in that semester (fall or spring semester only) with a minimum GPA of:

  • 3.600 for students who are classified as freshmen (fewer then 24 degree credits) and sophomores (at least 24 degree credits), or
  • 3.850 for students who are classified as juniors (at least 54 degree credits) and seniors (at least 86 degree credits).

An entry, "Dean's List," appears on the student's grade report and on the transcript.

  • Students who have P grades for their senior thesis (regardless of whether they have 12 other graded credits), as well as students with unresolved grades of NR, I, and Q are not eligible for the Dean's List until the unresolved grades have been replaced with a permanent grade.
  • Students are eligible to be placed on the Dean's List once/if any unresolved grade issues have been addressed.

Please note that it is the student's responsibility to contact L&S Undergraduate Academic Deans' Services in 110 Ingraham Hall once any outstanding grade issues have been resolved and a student's academic status has changed thereby placing him/her on the Dean's List.

**The College of Letters & Science does not "round up" for the purpose of tabulating the GPA for the Dean's List. For example, a freshman or sophomore with a fall or spring term GPA of 3.599 will not have his/her GPA round up to 3.600 for the purpose of tabulating the Dean's List GPA.