Grade Changes

According to faculty policy and in an effort to maintain both equity and consistency, final semester grades can be changed only because of "clerical error". Students cannot, for example, petition to improve a course grade by offering to rewrite a paper, turn in additional work, or retake a final exam. The only time this is allowed is when such options:

  1. are available to all students in a given course, and
  2. are stated explicitly in the course syllabus.

For additional information, see what is the grade change policy for L&S undergraduate students.

If a grade change is in order, the following items are important for the efficient and accurate processing of grade changes:

  1. The Department Chair is responsible for the safekeeping of grade change forms. They should be given only to the instructor and not to a student requesting the change in grade. Grade change forms are used only when the grade change cannot be done online/electronically.
  2. All information must be provided on the grade change form. Incomplete forms will be returned to the department.
  3. The instructor of the course must sign the form
  4. The Chair of the department must countersign the form.
  5. All Letters & Science forms should be sent to the L&S Undergraduate Academic Deans' Services Unit located in 110 Ingraham Hall. The request to change a grade will be reviewed by an academic dean in Academic Deans' Services.