Graduate Courses

All courses numbered 700 and above are graduate courses and considered advanced (A).  Enrollment in these courses is strictly limited to only graduate-level students.

As of May 21, 2007, L&S undergraduate students, on rare occasion, are permitted to take graduate-level courses if granted permission by the instructor of the course.  Any L&S undergraduate who earns a passing grade in a graduate-level course will be awarded undergraduate degree credit. 

  • L&S students who enroll in L&S graduate courses may count those credits toward completion of their Liberal Arts and Sciences credit requirement. These credits may be used to satisfy the requirements related to mastery of intermediate/advanced level work, but since these courses do not carry breadth designations, they do not satisfy breadth requirements.
  • L&S students who enroll in non-L&S graduate courses may count those credits as part of their free electives in the degree. These credits may not be used to satisfy breadth or level requirements.
  • Grades earned by undergraduates who complete graduate courses will be included in all relevant grade point average calculations (see Quality of Work Requirements for the list of areas in which these averages are calculated). Most graduate courses restrict enrollment to students who have graduate standing, or who have received the instructor's consent to enroll.
  • Students can count up to seven (7) credits of graduate-level coursework earned as an undergraduate toward future graduate studies.
  • Undergraduate students cannot take or earn degree credit for graduate-level Directed Study, Independent Reading, Independent Study, or Individual Enrollment courses (e.g., 799, 899, 999).

For more detailed information about taking graduate course, please see can an L&S undergraduate student take a graduate course and earn degree credits.