Adding a Credit to a Non-Variable Credit Course

Juniors and seniors in good academic standing, may, with an instructor's permission, add a credit to an intermediate or advanced level (non variable credit) course.


  1. The instructor must agree to allow a student to add the extra credit to the course.
  2. Students are only allowed to add an extra credit to a non variable credit course if the course is an intermediate or an advanced level class. Students cannot add an additional credit to a non variable elementary-level course.
  3. A student must prepare the following items below to bring to the L&S Academic Deans' Services in 110 Ingraham for processing:
    • A signed Course Change Request Form filled out with the updated credit information along with the signatures of the instructor for the course, the student's advisor, and the chair of the department where the course is offered. If you are unable to access your My UW account to fill out the Course Change Request Form, please feel free to use the old paper Course Change Form. The old paper form should only be used if you cannot access your My UW Student Center and fill out the form.
    • A letter from the professor that outlines the extra work the student and instructor have agreed to. The student and instructor must make sure that the extra work being done equates to an additional 33% or 25% (depending on the number of credits one is adding) for the course.
  4. Once a student has gathered the signed Course Change Form and the letter of support from the instructor for the course, the student should take the items listed above to room 110 Ingraham Hall for processing. It could take up to fourteen (14) business days for the credit conversion request to be processed. The student should make sure to leave his/her telephone number and E-mail address just in case L&S Undergraduate Academic Deans' Services needs to contact him/her regarding the request.