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Appeal Dropped Status

Information on Appealing your "Dropped for One Year Status (Faculty Appeals)

Students have the opportunity to appeal the “dropped for one year status” from the University of Wisconsin-Madison by participating in the Appeals Process (also known as Faculty Appeals). It is important to note that appealing one's drop status does not guarantee a student will be readmitted to the University.

The upcoming Faculty Appeals is only for students who have been dropped (placed on academic suspension) at the conclusion of the most recent term. If you are an L&S undergraduate student who has been dropped and have been away from your formal studies at UW-Madison for at least one year, please see information on Readmission.

To determine your status, please refer to:

Probation Rules

Probation FAQs

The Appeals Process has two parts.  Read through the very important information below about appealing your drop status.

  • Complete and submit the following web form to sign up for an appointment on a specific date. Please note that if you are unable to attend on that date or miss your appointment you cannot reschedule.
  • After submitting your web form you will be contacted with an appointment time. During your appointment you will meet with an Appeals Committee (consisting of an assistant dean and two faculty members) to discuss the factors or circumstances that led to your poor academic performance; how these factors or circumstances have been resolved; and your specific plan for academic success.

Completing the questions on the web form below will help you prepare for your appointment. Please allow yourself time for reflection before answering and submitting your responses to the questions. Make sure that you print a copy of the information you have submitted for your records.

Upcoming Appeal Dates and Deadlines for students dropped after spring 2017:
  • Appeals for readmission for summer/fall 2017 will be held on Thursday, June 8, 2017 and Friday, June 9, 2017.
  • Your appeal date and time will be assigned; you will be notified of your appointment time by 6:30 pm CDT on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.
  • If extraordinary circumstances (for instance, international travel) limit your availability to one of the appeal dates or specific time of day, please explain when you fill out the web form below.
  • A limited number of phone/skype appointments are available.   These are reserved for students who must be out of the country on the dates of the appeals.  If your circumstances meet these criteria and you would like to appeal by phone/skype, please explain when you fill out the web form.
  • Please note that requests for a specific date, time and or phone/skype appointment will be honored as space is available and in order of receipt.
  • Students can appeal only once during the appeals period.   Decisions rendered by the faculty appeals committee are final.

Deadline for submitting web form is as follows:

Monday, June 5, 2017, by 11:59 pm CDT for students appealing their drop status at the Faculty Appeals. Appeals submitted after this date will not be considered and students will need to take off at least one full year from their formal studies at UW-Madison. 

  • This appeal is only for students who have just been put on academic suspension/dropped after taking a course (or courses) during the spring 2017 term. 
  • Students who were put on academic suspension/dropped prior to spring 2017 are not eligible to appeal on on June 8 or June 9, 2017.

Student Information

Please note that a student is only permitted to appeal one (1) time for readmission consideration immediately after being dropped for one full year.

If your drop status is sustained, you will be eligible for readmission consideration one year after the date of your drop by calling the L&S Undergraduate Academic Deans' Services at (608) 262-0167 to set up an individual appointment and after reading through readmission. Appeals submitted after the June 5, 2017 official deadline WILL NOT be considered and students will need to take off at least one full year from their formal studies at UW-Madison. 

***Make sure that you print a copy of your appeal information for your records for future reference after filling out the form completely and pressing the "submit" button below. 

Appeal Dropped Status (Faculty Appeals) Form

Full Name:*
Campus ID Number (no dashes or spaces):*
Email Address (@wisc.edu addresses only):*
Current Telephone Number:*
Telephone Number on Appeals Day:*
Declared or Intended Major:*
Assigned Academic Advisor:*

*Your assigned advisor can be found on the upper left-hand corner of your DARS report on page 1 in Column 1 or in your My UW Student Center.

Appeal Questions

Please address the following questions. The information you provide here will be given to the appeals committee in advance of your appeal hearing.

Address the factors and/or circumstances that led to your poor academic performance and drop status:*

If you have documentation to support your statements, please mention this in your answers. You should not submit this documentation with your statement; rather, bring the supporting materials to your appointment. Examples of supporting documentation include:

a) Letter(s) of support from any medical or mental health professional(s) whose care you have been under for the issues affecting your academic performance. Please note that a letter that simply states that you were seen by a professional will, in most cases, be insufficient to merit readmission. The letter should verify the circumstances surrounding your care.

b) A copy of a death certificate or funeral program to document the death of a family member or friend.

Address how the factors and/or circumstances have already been addressed and resolved:*
Why do you believe you have a realistic chance of academic success if you are readmitted immediately? Please be as specific as possible:*
What are your specific plans for completing your degree? Please address requirements that still need to be met and include specific courses you plan to take in the upcoming semester if readmitted:*
Please describe your alternative plans, i.e. what you will do if you are not readmitted*
(Optional) Please explain any other information about your situation or appeal, including your need to request a specific appeals date and/or time
Security Check: In order to cut down on spam, please enter the word(s)/number(s) in the box.*

Penalty for knowingly making false or misleading statements

Students should be certain to make factual statements and cite actual documentation in their statement. Penalties will be assessed for students who are found to have made false or misleading statements. Students may be automatically denied a hearing or have their readmission revoked as a penalty imposed by L&S. Additional penalties may include sanctions imposed by the Dean of Students Office (DoSO) for misrepresentation, which is a form of academic misconduct.