"Solving other problems in your life will help you in school. Those should come first and your grades will follow. Probation is merely a warning, not a threat." - L&S student who has cleared probation

Key Deadlines

If you are considering changing your schedule by adding or dropping a course or withdrawing from the term, please be aware of UW-Madison's deadlines. You can find information below regarding Letters & Science policies for specific deadlines:

Drop Deadline
Dropping means to drop one or more courses from your current schedule and still remain enrolled in an at least one credit.

Withdrawal Deadline
Withdrawing means to withdraw your enrollment from the term. This means dropping all courses from your current schedule.

Pass/Fail Deadline
Taking a course pass/fail is a way to earn credit for a course without getting a letter grade. Courses are graded on a pass/fail basis and therefore do not impact your GPA. If you are currently on academic probation, you cannot take a course pass/fail. Only certain classes are eligible for pass/fail.

Audit Deadline
Auditing a course means you are a passive learner - you attend the course, but you do not do the assignments or take the exams. Audited courses count for total term credit loads but you won't earn degree credit for the courses. Only certain classes are eligible for auditing.

Summer Term

Summer is considered a term in Letters & Science, so you are able to clear probation by taking a single summer class, but not doing well in a summer course could cause you to be put on probation or dropped from the University. We recommend talking to your academic advisor about your options for summer courses.

Classes begin and end at various times throughout the summer, and each of those sessions has its own deadlines. If you are taking a summer course, you will need to know the three-letter session code. You can find this in your Student Center by clicking "My schedule/grid", choosing the summer term, and then viewing in list view. The Registrar's Office has a list of all of the deadlines (including the tuition refund and drop deadlines) for each summer session.

Have questions about summer Financial Aid? Check out the Financial Aid website for summer details.