"Enrolling in the AES seminar class was very helpful because I felt like I was alone in the situation. This class allowed me to be with others who were in the same situation as myself, and was very helpful in the process of getting off of academic probation. Something I wish I would've known when put on probation was how many resources there are to really help you through this situation that I could have used before I was placed on probation." - Erin, an L&S student who has cleared probation

Probation Resources for Students

The best way to make a plan for clearing probation is to figure out what happened. This can be difficult, and it varies for each student. This pyramid can be used to find out where your strengths lie and in which areas you may want to utilize some of the resources we have here on campus. Once you complete the worksheet, you can work with your advisor to create goals for the upcoming semester.

Probation Resources Pyramid Image