"Be proactive. Despite external factors, ultimately no one is responsible for your academic performance except you. If you feel yourself slipping, ask for help rather than ignoring the problem, because it won't go away and you'll just feed bad habits." - L&S student who has cleared probation


Students who have been required by the College of Letters & Science to take time off from their undergraduate studies due to their past academic performance (dropped) must apply for readmission with an Assistant Dean in the College of Letters & Science in order to be eligible for re-entry through the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.

Letters & Science academic deans meet with students for readmission to an upcoming term in these time frames:

  • Fall & Summer Readmission: March 15 - May 15
  • Spring Readmission: September 15 - November 15

Normally, students are dropped after being placed on academic probation, then strict academic probation. Finally, students may be dropped for at least one year due to poor academic progress. In order to re-enter the University after one full year, a student must apply for readmission to the College of Letters & Science and for re-entry through the Office of Admissions and Recruitment. (Please note that a student is never guaranteed readmission after taking off one full year. Readmission is most likely if the student has been proactive in preparing for a successful return and addressing the issues that prevented him/her from being successful before being dropped.)

Applying for Readmission

To apply for re-entry/readmission to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and L&S for students who have been dropped while in the College of Letters & Science, a student must:

  1. Complete, save, and print out the L&S Readmission Form.
  2. Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor (your previously assigned advsior or an advisor in your intended area of major study).
      • Bring the completed readmission form and other supporting documentation (transcripts from other universities, other documents which support personal, academic, or health progress you have made during your time away) to the appointment.
      • **You may find the name of your assigned advisor on the home page of your MyUW Student Center.
      • Use this advising appointment to:
        • (re)establish a relationship with your assigned advisor or an advisor in your intended area of study,
        • develop a reasonable enrollment plan for the term you intend to return,
        • create a realistic degree completion plan.
  3. Make an appointment with an L&S Assistant Dean (call 608/262-0617) during the dates listed above.
    • Bring or send the readmission form with your advisor's signature to the L&S Academic Deans' Office at least three (3) days before your scheduled appointment so that we are able to review it before we speak with you.  (Forms may be sent to us at LSDEANS@SAA.LS.WISC.EDU.)
    • Bring to your appointment transcripts from any coursework completed during your time away from UW-Madison, and any other supporting documentation to this appointment.
    • The dean will usually make a decision regarding your readmission to UW-Madison at your appointment.
  4. If the dean approves your readmission, complete a re-entry application using the link on the home page of your MyUW Student Center.
  5. The Office of Admissions and Recruitment will not approve your re-entry to the UW-Madison until you have successfully met with an L&S academic dean and received official permission via a dean's action to continue in the College of Letters & Science