Retroactive Drop Request

The College of Letters & Science policy is that students must drop semester-long courses by the end of the 9th week of classes. Courses may not be dropped after the 9th week except in extremely unusual circumstances, and only with the approval of a dean. (Please note that the summer term drop deadlines are usually within the first week or two of a particular summer session. See the Summer Key Deadlines for more specific details.)

If the class(es) you hope to drop are still in progress, please use the following form:

Late Drop Request Form

A RETROACTIVE drop is one that is requested AFTER the term has ended. If the class or classes you hope to drop were taken in a previous term, please use the following form:

Retroactive Drop Request Form

To request a late drop or retroactive drop, you must BOTH

submit this completed form AND

schedule an appointment to meet with an academic dean

Please call L&S Undergraduate Academic Deans' Services at (608) 262-0617 to schedule an appointment to speak with an academic dean.

A student MUST first read through the LATE DROP information and THEN fill out the information below. Please note that in order to obtain a drop after the official deadline, it is important that an individual provides strong documentation of verifiable circumstances beyond a student's control which prevented the student from dropping the course in a timely manner. Extenuating circumstances should have occurred and can be well documented. Examples of documentation that should be provided are as follows:

Death of a family member or friend
  • Obituary or death certificate
  • Letter from counselor
  • Documentation should include date and indicate relationship to the deceased
Family Issues
  • Letter from therapist or counselor
Medical Issues (serious illness, hospitalization, mental health, change in health status)
  • Letter from doctor with advised period of recovery
  • Record of doctor visits
  • Hospitalization records
  • Copies of medical bills documenting illness/injury
  • Letter from doctor, therapist, or counselor

Please feel free to provide written feedback from your instructor(s) regarding your class participation and academic performance if you believe this information would be helpful to the academic dean reviewing your situation. 

Providing documentation *is not *a guarantee that a student's request to drop or retroactively drop a class will be granted. Earning a poor grade in a course, not being aware of deadlines, or not receiving feedback on an examination until after the deadline are a few examples that are not considered strong reasons for obtaining a drop after the deadline.

After filling out the form below, a student must call the L&S Undergraduate Academic Deans' Services at (608) 262-0617 to schedule an appointment to speak with an academic dean.

Please be sure to print a copy of the information - before you hit "SUBMIT" - to keep for your records.**

All Fields Below Require an Answer

Full Name:*
Campus ID Number (no spaces or dashes)*
Year in School**
Are you an F1/J1 Student Visa Holder?**

If yes, please consult with International Student Services to review any effects a retroactive drop may have on your visa status.

Are you a student athlete?**

If yes, please contact your advisor in the Athletic Department before you meet with a dean. To find your advisor, see

Are you using any financial aid that may be affected by you obtaining a retroactive drop this class?**

If you are unsure, see "Financial Aid" options in your Student Center.

Which course(s) do you want to retroactively drop? (e.g. Math 221, Econ 101, Chem 103, etc.)*
What semester did you take this class? (Note that requests for a retroactive drop should be made no later than the semester immediately following the affected semester.)*
Did you attend the class for the entire term?**
When did you stop attending the class?*
Did you take the final (or turn in a final paper) for this class?*
What circumstances prevented you from dropping the class(es) by the drop deadline OR prevented you from completing the course? (You will have the opportunity to discuss your situation and share supporting documentation in more detail during your individual meeting with a dean.) *
Why did your circumstances affect the class (or classes) differently than others in which you wish to remain?*
Briefly describe the factors you have considered as you decided to try to drop the class(es)?*
Have you spoken with your instructor(s) or advisor(s) as you made the decision to try to drop the class(es)?*
Can you document or verify the situation you describe? Will you be able to provide this documentation during your meeting with a dean? (You may, if necessary, provide documentation after your conversation with a dean. Please be aware that this may delay a decision.*

**In addition to submitting this form, you must also call (608) 262-0617 to schedule an appointment with an academic dean. Please note that a student will not automatically get an appointment to speak with an academic dean just by filling out the online form.

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The Division of Student Academic Affairs (SAA) in the College of Letters & Science is dedicated to the success of L&S undergraduate students both inside and outside the classroom by supporting student learning and personal growth. In addition to providing academic and career advising, Student Academic Affairs helps L&S undergraduates in:

  • Understanding L&S academic rules and regulations
  • Addressing general and specific issues that impact their academic success 
  • Reviewing student academic progress toward degree completion