Study Abroad

The College of Letters & Science encourages students to experience other cultures, and in doing so, broaden their knowledge base. The two concerns regarding studying abroad that students should be aware of are transfer of credit(s) and residency requirements. Transfer credits taken at non-UW institutions are not guaranteed to transfer and will not be officially evaluated by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment until the courses are complete. Students can estimate how coursework will transfer by comparing course descriptions.  

Students should speak with their academic advisors about their plans to study abroad early in the process so they obtain the necessary assistance they need to stay on track to graduate in a timely manner.  Students who are considering studying abroad in their last term/semester at UW-Madison should speak with their undergraduate advisor to make sure that they on track to graduate at the end of their study abroad experience.  Studying abroad in a student's last term can delay graduation or certification of graduation since final grades may arrive months after the study abroad experience.

For UW-Madison study abroad programs, see International Academic Programs (IAP) website.

For non UW-Madison residence programs, see Reentry Admission For Study Abroad Students for more information.  

  • Students can also find important information about transfer credit services for work completed abroad on a non UW-Madison affiliated study abroad program by going to non-affiliated programs.

In L&S, students need to complete 30 degree credits through UW-Madison (either on campus or via a UW-Madison study abroad program) after earning their 90th credit. This is often called the "30 Credit Rule" or the "Residency Requirement." Students should speak with their undergraduate advisors if they believe their study abroad programs will have an impact on their residency requirement. More specific information about this topic can be found at residence requirements and residence requirement.

Any student studying abroad on a UW-Madison sponsored program are also required to complete fifteen (15) credits ON CAMPUS in their major(s) or major department(s). More specific information regarding this requirement can be found at study abroad stipulation.